The Program

The Multi One Attitude Foundation has planned an exciting program of events for the coming years, which starts in 2011 and is based on three principles:

  • LEARN and understand, generate public awareness
  • SHARE: Collaborate and work together to make a difference
  • ACT: Take action, find solutions


  • Launch of the Foundation Boat “Race for Water” the 25th of March 2011
  • Education program, including Zep and his famous character TITEUF and the development of a teaching module on water issues
  • Business program, including a forum on The Marine Industry & Sustainability at which participants will sign a manifesto relating to ocean preservation


  • An innovation challenge for universities and tech start-ups aimed at developing solutions to water issues


  • Local field actions in stopover cities: water-related projects are analyzed with local political authorities. Depending on existing initiatives, promotion support to increase the leverage impact
  • Global field actions: partnerships with international associations to develop concrete actions on a global scale
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