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qui sommes nous

Eco-responsibility starts with the youngest. The children are the ones who will significantly change the world. 

This is why the Foundation has decided to largely focus its programme on concrete actions directed towards the youngest. The Foundation even chose the children to be godfathers and godmothers of the ambassador boat "Race for Water". Malo and Camille, 11 years old, representatives of the schools of Lorient, christened indeed the trimaran with the actress Anne Richard and the skipper Stève Ravussin in March 2011.

The Foundation develops educational tools which are provided to the schools. Communication actions as well as local and international events are organised: competitions, seminars, interviews with the skippers, site visits or outings on the sea, in particular during the MOD70 circuit events. Children can learn about the important issues related to water and the need to fight pollution and waste. The Foundation helps them to adopt eco-responsible behaviours at home and in their close environment.


education Educational workshops on various themes related to water issues are prepared in close collaboration with the Foundation partners, with local educational and institution responsibles. The workshops are either organised as a one-off awareness session or as a programme to be integrated into a long term educational project.



Educational tools giving teachers the opportunity to carry out multidisciplinary work focussing on water, through experiences related to the water cycle, debates, role plays and manual works, which is to be done in class: all this insures that the child understands the essential role water has in everyday life and is aware of what constitutes the gesture of an eco-citizen.

A special appearance from Titeuf

autocollants titeuf

To support this education program, and get even more children interested and engaged in water sustainability issues, world-famous cartoonist Zep has specially designed a new illustration, for the Multi One Attitude Foundation. The new creation features as part of the phenomenally successful Titeuf series, which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide and been translated into 15 languages. Titeuf, who is adored by children and adults alike, will capture the imagination of a broad target audience on water sustainability issues and be a key part of the Foundation’s communication activities.