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Business and water are in inextricably linked

Businesses are accountable for 60% of water consumption in industrialised countries, and 22% worldwide. It is hard to think of any economic activity that does not benefit from water services or, in some way, alter the water around it. Businesses have a major role to play in order to reduce their usage and tackle water waste at every level. The Foundation’s objectives are to gather best practice, share knowledge and encourage concrete actions in the fields of water management and pollution control. To do so the Foundation has initiated a series of solutions forums where key stakeholders can share their knowledge and propose ideas.

The program consists first of raising awareness of these issues at each stopover of the Multi One Championship: New York, Brest, across Europe and around the world, then to provide tools and processes to companies willing to handle their water risks, for finally developing knowledge in water stewardship thanks to its network of global experts.

Race for Water forums

A serious amount of “rallying together”, both economically and politically, is needed to encourage the various decision makers to take action about the key questions linked to the efficient management and use of water. That’s why the Foundation is organising events on local and international level, where scientists and academics can share their knowledge with the professionals and the general public.

First Race for Water Forum: Ocean Racing, a platform for sustainability?
25 March 2011, Lorient. France

Forum Race For Water Lorient

To launch its program to share and promote knowledge, innovation and best-practice initiatives around Ocean Racing and Sustainability, the Multi One Attitude Foundation has organized a forum on the same day as the launch of its ambassador boat the MOD70 Race for Water.
Hosted in an environmentally responsible event space at one of Europe’s leading nautical venues, the forum has examined how Ocean Racing can contribute to a more sustainable future. Topics for discussion and debate included: the development of biomaterials, ocean racing green initiatives, MOD70 life cycle assessment, water footprinting and ocean preservation.

Forum Race For Water Lorient Forum Race For Water Lorient Forum Race For Water Lorient