October 09, 2011

Victory of the MOD70 Race for Water at the KRYS MATCH, first event and foretaste of the Multi One Championship starting in 2012! Stève Ravussin and his crew showed a great team cohesion. The team was also pride to be associated to the Multi One Attitude Foundation that has just signed a partnership with UNESCO to start joint activities around water conservation.


Stève Ravussin started by thanking his team and shore crew: “The crew did a fantastic job. The boat is magical and we had fantastic conditions here in La Trinité-sur-Mer. This is a great adventure: the MOD70 KRYS MATCH is the culmination of a beautiful project, but mainly the beginning of a great story. The event was perfectly organized. We had the most beautiful moments in the last days, while sailing with the Race for Water – with peaks at 37.8 knots (about 65 km / h!) – but also onshore, with great highlights such as the announcement of the partnership between the Multi One Attitude Foundation and UNESCO (and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) on water conservation.”
Jean Maurel, the Race Director, comments on Stève Ravussin’s performance, “Stève has been very constant throughout the three days. It does not necessarily show in the rankings, but he has been very consistent in the Krys Match races. He seems to feel very comfortable on his boat, maybe because he has more miles than the others at the helm of this racing machine.” He adds in a broad smile: “His victory does not surprise me. Stève loves when it goes fast, and we had windy conditions. Perfect for him! I’ve known him a long time and when I see him here, I feel that he had a great time!”
Yvan Ravussin, who joined the crew of Race for Water for this KRYS MATCH seems very proud of his brother, who conceived the project with Marco Simeoni and Franck David, “I think it’s a great project with a very professional team.” As for the performance of Race for Water, he says: “We have just started to sail together, but the cohesion of the crew went quickly crescendo. Our settings were better and better and these first races will serve as an excellent working basis.” He confirms that he will be part of Race for Water crew for the Multi One Championship 2012!
On the occasion of the KRYS MATCH Prize Giving ceremony, Marco Simeoni, President of the MOD70 class, expressed his joy and gratitude to the entire team who worked on organizing the event. He dedicated the victory of the MOD70 no.1 Race for Water to Hubert Desjoyeaux, owner of CDK Technologies, shipyard of the series, who died recently.
See you next year for the KRYS OCEAN RACE (New York – Brest) on 7 July!

Stay tuned with upcoming events with Stève Ravussin and Race for Water in Switzerland and France!

Final results:

1. Water Race (Stève Ravussin)

2. Veolia Environnement (Roland Jourdain)

3. Foncia (Michel Desjoyeaux)

4. Gitana Edmond de Rothschild Group (Seb Josse) – not ranked

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